About us.

Ours go back to the 1999’s, at the time of our inception. In the last Two decades, by garnering experience, Concern on quality, trust, love and loyalty of our customers, we have become one of the largest retailer dealer of Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, and Sanitaries and CP fittings in Palakkad District”.

Every brand has a story to tell, and we have many pretty interesting & quality brands

India being a country where home decor is an Art, is the third largest consumer of Vitrified and Ceramic tiles on the World Map. In terms of domestic demand the country has the largest market for these. As per the demand of the Indian society Drisya Marbles has its unique approach with keeping the essence of India alive. Since our incorporation in the year 1999 we do believe in giving quality products which gives a magical touch with maintaining the essence of home to your house.
Since our existence, we are always on the path to learn and grab more to satisfy the needs of our customers. We believe in making our products and services more better day-by-day in order to fulfill the desire of our customers. Keeping customer’s satisfaction at the apex, we are a leading Retailer making the country beautiful with our efforts and hard work. In the coming years we believe to be a corporation leading the global platform.

Mr. Babu Peter
(Managing Director)


23 years since founded in 1999, Drisya Marbles is a specialty retailer of branded and un branded manufactured, natural stone tiles, sanitary materials, related CP fittings and accessories in the Palakkad district with 2 stores district wide. The Tile Shop currently operates 2 stores in Palakkad district, with an average size of 27,000 square feet.
In the last Two decades, by garnering experience, Concern on quality, trust, love and loyalty of our customers, we have become one of the largest retailer dealer of Ceramic Tiles, Vitrified Tiles, and Sanitaries and CP fittings.
Our heart lies at the heart of Vadakkencherry, Palakkad District. Which makes ease of access from both Palakkad & Trissur District. Our Branch in Chittur, we are focused on providing tiling, Sanitary and CP fitting solutions for a better India

Our Foundation

A strong foundation leads to a stronger brand. Ours comprises of four pillars: Vision, Experience, Innovation and Foresightedness. Our products are also built on these pillars through which we ensure their durability and premium quality. The Company offers a wide selection of high-quality products, exclusive designs, knowledgeable staff and exceptional customer service, in an extensive showroom environment with full-room tiled displays. In-store, the complimentary Design Studio offers a collaborative platform to create customized design renderings, allowing customers to bring their design ideas to life by creating custom looks unique to their room dimensions and tile and stone preferences.

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Our chain of exclusive signature showrooms is where the customers can witness our product spectrum. The showrooms provide a blended experience of compelling designs, product aesthetics and practical application. Now that you know our story, it’s time to check out our products and services!


As a leader in concern with quality and trust – our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being the best in everything we do. It is the basis for what we all stand for our company. Our vision and our values guide the choices for our customers and decisions our employees make every day.


Drisya Marbles is the leader in tiles and Sanitaries in Palakkad district and our mission is to remain the leader in the market. We will continue on delivering superior customer value by providing customers with a variety of great quality products. We will deliver good, fast and efficient customer support and service. We will continue to empower consumers to achieve the floor of their dreams, making it as simple as possible to apply and to maintain. We will continue with research – to find new and improved solutions for new challenges arising. We make the renovation and furnishing easier, by providing tiles, ceramic products and ready-made arrangements inspired by the style of our Clients. We want to delight with design and exceptional service at every stage of cooperation. To serve our customers with the highest quality of Tile Products and Installation information around

23 Years of Tradition in Excellent Service & Satisfied Customers.

Since our founding in 1999, The Tile Shop has committed itself to inspiring and realizing home decor ideas and creating beauty both indoors and out. Our associates travel literally across the globe, exploring the latest styles and innovations available in materials such as porcelain, glass, ceramic, travertine and other natural stones. We offer a wide selection of high-quality tile products, Variety of brands, exclusive designs, expert staff and amazing customer service with Kajaria Mini Brand Studio.

Our Passion for People & Customer Services

We see our customers as partners. As such, we believe in developing relationships that build trust while engaging your imaginations. Your home is a big part of your life, and we take that idea seriously. So we inspire your creativity and build the personal connections you need to make you feel comfortable about transforming your living space into a showplace you can be proud of.

Our Expert Sales Teams Bringing Visions to Life

World class design services are not as expensive as you may think. In fact, at The Tile Shop, they’re free. Our dedicated professionals are ready to discuss your tiling ideas and offer helpful suggestions about arrangement, materials and maintenance to help you create that dream room from start to finish. Experience the Tile Shop difference for yourself and we value your mouth spread admiration. Our sales Experts are good buyers Guide in all aspects.

Many Happy Returns & Policy

Never underestimate the fact that you may overestimate your need for materials. When that happens, simply bring them back to us. The Tile Shop allows you ninety (30) days to return unused tile, and we won’t penalize you with a restocking fee. Our best-in-class customized sales return policy ensures you can get your project done according to your schedule. Visit here for our full return policy.

Value for Money Purchase

A good design is achievable only with quality materials and hence materials are the solution to a good functioning building. The quality of construction is majorly dependent on the materials utilized. The building materials you pick will define the overall Quality, Sustainability, Durability, Availability, Performance, endurance, Cost, climate, and which leads to the character of the building. Thus, one should be cautious and particular while deciding building materials. The most beneficial means to decide materials in Drisya is value for money purchase.

Drisya’s Core Brand Value & Wide range of Display

Even though Drisya is having Unbranded products with lowest price in the market our core value is concern on quality and trust. Every brand has a story to tell, and we have many pretty interesting & quality brands. A branded product has its Sustainability in the market while an unbranded product won’t have the same. Branded products are more renowned than unbranded. By visiting the shop will definitely mesmerize your imagination with wide collection of branded and unbranded displays.

Our Free Delivery Services

From inspiration to installation, we’ll make your tile journey fun and easy. Our delivery is free of cost and whether you’re flipping your first space or designing your dream home, we’re here to help every step of the way to make sure your project is a success with over 23 years in the business.

Drisya’s Exclusive Offer Zone

As a part of CSR & Charity work Drisya’s Offer Zone is a place to access 30% to 50% discounts. As Offer products are constantly updated gradual visit is indeed to grab it at the very earliest.

Drisya’s Flooring Consultation & Pre-Measurement

Let us help you design the perfect room. We’ll start by helping you find the perfect floor type and style and then we’ll measure the space. We’re firm believers in, “Measure twice. Cut once.” So when it comes to your next flooring project, eliminate guesswork and unanticipated expenses by scheduling a consultation with one of our flooring specialists.

Own the biggest Godown Near to Shop for fast delivery.

Direct purchase form factories & a great volume of storage materials enable us to sell with lowest price by competing in the market. This Enable us to provide your material 3x faster. Deliveries by storing inventory near to the shop is a point where customers can easily return, exchange the balance material at a short span of time.


We provide opportunities to succeed

Financial relations

Drisya is keeping a good financial relations with customers by maintaining suppliers and market competitors.

Improved Transport and Quality Management:

Manufacturers give up some control and oversight of the product when a distributor is involved. The more individuals involved in handling the product, the more potential for quality issues and delays during transport. Lead times are often more reliable when buying direct which means customers receive the right products at the right time and in good condition.

Join Our Community

We like to maintain relationships as a Consultant with our clients even and after a project is completed. You can also share your thoughts and ideas with other homeowners through a variety of social media outlets. Once that beautiful bathroom is finished or your dazzling den is done, feel free to share pictures of it so others can be impressed and by joining our social media community customers are getting great design ideas.